Dobbin was a "whacked-out, crazy hippy drummer" musician active around Liverpool, England, Earth, during the later 22nd century.

He was a friend of an adolescent Dave Lister. (Emile Charles)

Dobbin was the drummer of Smeg and the Heads, along with a 17-year-old Dave Lister on vocals and Gazza on bass guitar.

In around 2172, Smeg and the Heads played a gig at the Aigburth Arms, which future Lister (Craig Charles) was able to go back to since he had a timeslide of it.

Lister tells the pub-goers that they are selling copies of the "Om Song" from the back of Dobbin's car outside the pub. He tells them it is "the orange Ford, the one with bald tires and no windscreen."

Lister mentions that, after the band broke up, Dobbin joined the police force and became "Grand Wizard" in the Freemasons. (Timeslides)

Behind the scenes

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