Tongue Tied

4 of 27 (center) flanked by two Expanoid guards aboard his vessel

4 of 27 was the leader / spokesman of the Expanoids, the the main antagonists in Twentica, the first episode in Series XI of Red Dwarf.


Little is known of 4 of 27's history, although it appears to be different to that of traditional Simulants. According to his own words, he was designed by a technology-weary humanity of the distant future to go back in time and alter the course of history - stopping the flow of technological progress during the 1920s - and thus saving humanity from itself. Accordingly, 4 of 27 did not aim for the extinction of humanity and believed himself to be the "good guy"; although to him the end always justified the means, and he was not adverse to lying and manipulating. Similar to other Simulants, he also placed little value on the life of the individual human, believing that killing them was "a bit of fun".

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  • While the Expanoids do not appear to have any specific leader, 4 of 27 appears to be the most prominent of them, acting as a chief decision maker and spokesman for the Expanoids. However, his bickering with his lieutenant 3 of 63 would eventually lead to his downfall.
  • 4 of 27 gives his full names as "Combat Droid Four of Batch Twenty Seven". His human lieutenants on Earth/Twentica simply refer to him as "boss".

Behind the scenes

  • 4 of 27 was portrayed by veteran British comedic actor Kevin Eldon, who had long wanted a part on ''Red Dwarf after being a fan since the 1980s.