Tongue Tied

"My God sirs! You may break our bones, but you'll never break our spirit!"
-Abraham Lincoln (Waxdroid) (RD: Meltdown)

The Waxdroid version of Abraham Lincoln was a member of the heroes on Waxworld.


Built to resemble the 16th President of the United States, Lincoln was programmed to act in an exaggerated portrayal of his namesake's heroism. He and other waxdroids were designed to entertain tourists by mimicing historical figures. After millenia alone, they learned to break their limited programs and achieved self-awareness, but were unable to overcome their basic personalities. The villains of history soon found themselves at war with the heroes, who included Abraham Lincoln in their ranks.

Lincoln dressed in a typical black suit of mid-nineteenth century America, with his trademark stovepipe hat. He had a long beard and spoke in a loud orator's voice, often shouting. He was morally outraged by many things happening around him and was full of righteous fury.

When he was captured by the villains, he was thrown into a cell with Lister and The Cat. He proceeded to explain the political situation to them and introduce them to his enemies. When Caligula and Rasputin demanded to know how the Matter Paddle worked, Lincoln was forced to hold on to it with his fellow prisoners. Lister managed to send his captors into a nearby wardrobe, so that he, Cat and Lincoln could escape. They made their way back to the Heroes HQ.

Lincoln then joined Rimmer's ill-fated assault on Villain HQ. He and all the others were slaughtered making a diversion for Kryten to sneak into the HQ and melt the villains. (RD: Meltdown)


Lincoln was bold, assertive and strong-willed. He refused to be broken by his captors and treated Lister and The Cat as trusted allies from the moment they met. He felt contempt and hatred for Caligula and Rasputin, as well as their villainous colleagues. He wasted little time making his escape back to Heroworld so that he could continue the fight.

Behind the Scenes

  • Jack Klaff played Lincoln so loudly that Craig Charles was almost deafened during recording.