Tongue Tied

The alternate Dwarfers, including the hologram Lister

The Alternate Dwarfers were four crewmembers of Red Dwarf from an alternate dimension. They were encountered by the boys from the Dwarf after going through a Dimensional Tear.

These included a version of Dave Lister who was a hologram, Cat who was aloof yet well-spoken and immaculately dressed, and Kryten, who seemed very similar yet had a golden shell. They were intelligent, sophisticated and more technologically capable than their ordinary counterparts.


The history of the alternate Lister was the same up until shortly before the radiation leak on Red Dwarf which wiped out the crew. In his dimension, he was never caught with his smuggled pet cat Frankenstein, and so was never put into stasis, and died the radiation leak along with everyone else. However, his ex girlfriend Kristine Kochanski has discovered the cat and decided to get rid of it in the Waste Disposal. However, she could not go through with it and kept the cat. Eventually she was caught and put in stasis as punishment, surviving the accident instead of Lister.

When Kochanski was revived three million years later, she found that the descendants of Frankenstein had evolved into Felis sapiens. Lister was also revived as a hologram, but being soft-light and unable to touch anything made him sensitive and caring in a way most men are not. Eventually, this Lister acquired a hard-light drive, and he and Kochanski engaged in a physical relationship once more. They also rescued Kryten from Nova 5, giving him a golden shell instead of a black one.

When they encountered the Dimensional Tear and their less sophisticated versions of themselves, Kryten said that they only had two hours before the hyperspace linkway repaired itself, and suggested that they spent the time swapping supplies and information. Hologram Lister suggested that they could upgrade their hydrogen ram to an tachyon-powered engine core. In exchange, Cat volunteered to open all the old pickle jars they could not open.

Kochanski said that there was one thing they could do for them - at one point she wanted to become a mother, but could not since her Lister was a hologram. She asked the "alive" version of Lister if he would fill up a self-gamete mixing in-vitro tube with his contribution.

("Ouroboros", Series VII)



  • These alternate Dwarfers are much more cultured and sophisticated due the influence of the highly intelligent, capable and learned Kochanski being among them from the beginning.