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This article is about the fictional TV show. For the artificial lifeforms, see Mechanoids.

Sit down Brook, there's something I must tell you...

Androids was a television show that Kryten enjoyed. 


Made in Australia for Groovy Channel 27, Androids was a popular soap opera that detailed the life of a group of mechanoids. It was badly written, poorly acted and appalingly produced. Boom mikes would often appear in shot and the sets would wobble when touched. It was produced and directed by Kylie

You're a total Gwenlyn!

Gwenlyn, whose name had become a term of abuse because of the show.

One episode showed Kelly telling Brook that her son Brook Jr. was actually the son of Gary, his business rival.

Kryten watched Androids as an escape from his life of servitude. He used it as an example of something he looked forward to. (RD: Kryten)


Androids was a very long-running show, with 1974 episodes. Kryten had them all on disc and watched one episode per day aboard the Nova 5. Characters included Hudzen, Mollee, Roze, Benzen and Karstares. He thought of the show as his only vice, secretly wishing for an extravagant and exciting life like the characters on the show. (Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers)

Behind the scenes

Androids was a show within a show, made to show up shoddy Australian soap operas. Its name and theme tune were reminiscent of "Neighbours".

The name Kylie Gwenlyn was a parody of Gareth Gwenlan, head of comedy for the BBC when Rob Grant and Doug Naylor were trying to get Red Dwarf produced. He had told them that their show would never work because there were no French windows in space. He had produced many shows with suburban settings.