Tongue Tied

Ankita was a supposed female Felis sapiens rescued by the boys from the Dwarf as a prisoner aboard the the Mercenoid transport ship. Much to Cat's shock and excitement, this was the first time he had encountered a female of his species, barring his mother.


Ankita appeared virtually identical to him in both personality and dress sense.

The Dwarfers took Ankita back to Red Dwarf, and after making up Ankita some sleeping quarters, Kryten began to analyse the Mercenoid's black box in the Science Room, taken from the Mercenoid transport ship before it fell into a super-massive Black Hole. However, Kryten made a disturbing discovery from the Mercenoid's black box - Ankita was actually a shape-shifting polymorph in the disguise of a Cat, and the Mercenoid had actually been piloting his ship into the Black Hole deliberately and kamikaze-style, to ensure the destruction of the polymorph.

Unfortunately, this was too late to stop Cat from having sex with Ankita, who died after depositing her eight morphing eggs into Cat. The Dwarfers found her corpse, having reverted back to its original, slimy and disgusting state. They all called Cat a moron, but Cat demanded it be taken into account that he had lost his virginity, as it still counted. After doing a medical check on Cat, they discovered that they no other option than to let the morphlings be born, otherwise they would kill Cat. After causing much mayhem aboard Red Dwarf, the morphlings were eventually killed by Cat himself, since "a mama always knows her kids".

Cat's experiences with Ankita apparently left a psychological mark, since in his dream at the end of the episode he asks two female Cats to "pipe him" as Ankita had done when she impregnated him. ("Can of Worms", Series XI)



  • While in the guise of a female Felis sapiens, Ankita's behaviour (such as pointing at things and claiming them as "hers") is reminiscent of Cat's own behaviour in his first appearances in Series I.
  • Cat losing his virginity to Ankita resolves a question long being asked by fans of the show - that is of the "canonical" nature of "Identity Within", a "lost episode" of Series VII. In that unproduced episode, Cat had lost his virginity to a female Cat named Ora, although Cat losing his virginity to Ankita in "Can of Worms" would seem to prove that "Identity Within" was not canon after all.
  • On Earth, "Ankita" is a common name in Hindi, one of the main languages of the Indian subcontinent. It means "conqueror".

Behind the Scenes

  • Ankita was portrayed by actress Dominique Moore, who studied the early appearances of Danny John-Jules as Cat to best copy him. (Series XI DVD documentary)