Tongue Tied

Legion demonstrates how to eat the Mimosian banquet with Anti-Matter Chopsticks

Anti-Matter Chopsticks, also known as Mimosian Anti-Matter Chopsticks and Mamosian Anti-Matter Chopsticks, were a culinary utensil originating on Mimas in the 23rd-24th century. Mimosian cuisine was acceptable to both humans and mechanoids, perhaps being designed by or for the latter.

Since they originated in the same place, it is possible they were used to eat Mimian bladder fish.

Extremely difficult to use, the chopsticks essentially "levitated" food into one's mouth, which remained an acquired skill usually among artisans, intellectuals and the like of the Space Corps. Heidegger, Davro, Quayle and Holder, some of the greatest minds of the 23rd century, used these items among others to eat aboard the Legion Station in Deep Space.

Three million years later, the Boys from the Dwarf attempted to use them, disastrously and messily, to impress Legion, with the Cat pulling food out of Arnold Rimmer's mouth and flinging it across the room. Even Kryten, who was programmed in off-world cuisine such as Jovian boogle hoops, and the often-lethal Mercurian boomerang spoon, struggled to use the chopsticks. Lister "sucks" too hard on his Telekinetic Wine, causing the whole jar to hose his face.

At the end of the meal, Rimmer crossed his anti-matter chopsticks, causing them to overload when they touched. This caused everything on the table to fly at him. ("Legion")

Behind the Scenes

From the official Red Dwarf website:

"While our product remains the ideal way to enjoy Mimosian cuisine in the 24th century (best served with telekinetic wine), please take care to ensure you do not cross the sticks after activation."