Tongue Tied

Areto (center) flanked by two fellow MILFs aboard SS Vespasian

Areto was a female Series 4000 mechanoid, and a high-ranking member of the MILFs (Mechanoid Intergalactic Liberation Front).

Areto was second-in-command aboard SS Vespasian, the mobile command base of the MILFs. Whilst the leader of the MILFs, Wind, tended to be more softly-spoken and rely on mere discourse, his lieutenant Areto was the muscle and relied on physical threats and shows of force.

Areto was the first member of the MILFs the boys from the Dwarf encountered, as she threw Cat up against the wall by the neck as the Dwarfers entered SS Vespasian from Starbug. Later, she was the one who put the Dwarfers through "re-calibration" - turning them from human (and Felis sapiens) into mechanoids, and forcing them to perform all the tasks they had previously asked Kryten to do.

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("Siliconia", Series XII)


  • Areto was also the name of a legendary female Amazon warrior of the same name from the Ancient Greek mythology of Earth.

Behind the Scenes

  • Areto was portrayed by Laura Checkley.