Tongue Tied

Arlene Rimmer was the female counterpart of Arnold Rimmer from a parallel universe with a female-oriented society.


Little biographical information about Arlene is known. It could be assumed her life followed a parallel course to Arnold's, only with a female perspective (though given some reversed gender roles as well these differences are less defined). Arlene was an identical form of soft-light Hologram to Arnold, so it is fair to assume that she was killed in the accident that wiped out the crew of her Red Dwarf.

When the two Rimmers met, Arlene showed an instant attraction to Arnold. She flirted with him almost constantly and even groped him more than once, showing that holograms could touch each other. Arnold did not reciprocate her affections, describing Arlene as "repugnant," ignorant of this being how he came across to women in his own universe. (RD: Parallel Universe)


While seeming to share most of Arnold's personality traits, such as sexism and anal-retentiveness, Arlene differed from her counterpart in certain ways. Although slightly awkward at first, she soon started to be much more aggressive in her attraction to Arnold than he was with her. She also seemed a lot quicker to label Dave Lister a "tart" than Arnold would have.


  • Arnold: "You're disgusting. You're only after me for one thing"
Arlene: "Why, how many have you got?"(RD: Parallel Universe)

Behind the scenes

Suzanne Bertish was cast as the female Rimmer, but confounded the rest of the cast during rehearsals by delivering her lines flatly and without pretending to be like Rimmer at all. It was only when the episode was filmed in front of an audience that she started to copy Chris Barrie's delivery and mannerisms.