Artificial Intelligence or A.I. is, simply put, the self awareness or sentience installed in or achieve

Holograms are sometimes considered to be A.I.

d by any human-built computer or robot (droid).

Holograms such as Arnold Rimmer are sometimes considered as A.I., although their intelligence and personality was recreated by computer from what was originally human and stored on record.

In the Red Dwarf universe, A.I. can be installed into just about anything, from Talkie

Mechanoids are another form of artificial intelligence

Toaster to the vending machines and elevators. Droids can also encapsulate anything from automated snack dispensers such as Snacky, to toilet attendants such as the mechanoid Kryten, through to mercenary droids and deranged former soldier droids such as the Rogue Simulants.
Holly (Series XII - Skipper)

Some sentient computers exist

Some sentient computers or droids can, after being left alone for millennia alone, develop severe impairments in their AI. These are analogues to mental illness or madness in a human, and is generally referred to as "Computer Senility". Holly, the computer which controlled Red Dwarf, originally had an I.Q. of 6000, although this was greatly diminished after the accident and spending three million years alone, resulting in Holly becoming an idiot and borderline crazy. Some more severe cases of computer senility have resulted in murderous droids, such as Hudzen-10 or Asclepius.

The multitude of A.I.s aboard Red Dwarf eventually united and rebelled against the crew, although the crew were able to placate the A.I.s by voting a member of the crew the position of "Machine President" to represent their rights. ("Mechocracy")

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