Tongue Tied

Attack of the Giant Savage Completely Invisible Aliens is a low-grade science fiction B movie shown to inmates of The Tank in the prison cinema in the Series VIII episode "Krytie TV".


The film is black-and-white and seemingly from the 1950s and features cheap metal and plastic flying saucer models on blatantly obvious strings from the people who made "Vampire Bikini Girls Suck Paris". The film's plot involves humanity being invaded by a force of "completely invisible" aliens and shows various citizens in distress looking into thin air.

Lister likes it, Cat complains about the quality of the film only for Rimmer to inform him that they are deliberately chosen to lower prisoner morale (even going as far as to say the following month is the "George Formby Season"). The film did not play in its entirety however as the re-programmed Kryten interrupts the program with something with probably higher production values - his own candid camera show as part of his own television channel, Women's Shower Night.


The cheap corny themes of the segment are meant to serve as a parody of cheap early science fiction films like Plan 9 from Outer Space. During the production of the episode, according to the Series VIII DVD, the Grant Naylor Productions team who were filming the cheesy model shots apparently spotted a passing bus from the high quality special effects studio ILM and tried to yell back that this was not the best the BBC could do.