BEGG moon

Blue Midget approaches the BEGG moon

BEGG moon (2)

Approaching the valley

BEGG moon (3)

The BEGG's watungas and recently-acquired Starbug

The BEGG moon was a pale, white-colored planetoid in Deep Space, orbiting a much larger blue-colored ocean planet. The moon had a small ocean itself, although it was mostly covered in icy mountains. The climate of the moon was seemingly very cold and snowy, although it still had Earth-like gravity and a breathable atmosphere.

Three million years in the future, the moon was was inhabited by four biologically-engineered garbage gobblers, or BEGGs, a type of humanoid GELF, that lived in a small collection of watungas placed within a meteor crater in a mountain valley. An English boarding school teacher had once visited the BEGGs, and the BEGG chief learned the English language from him before eating him whole.

Red Dwarf once passed the BEGG moon, and the scouters reported life-signs on it. Believing that it may have been the missing Kristine Kochanski, his former lover, Dave Lister took a Starbug down to investigate alone. Finding only the BEGGs, Lister nonetheless spent the night getting drunk on GELF Hooch and playing poker with them. During this game, Lister lost Starbug to the BEGGs, and also a certain holographic crewmate named Arnold Rimmer he'd told them about. The BEGGs put a Groinal Exploder on Lister so that he would have to follow through on his debt. Lister then returned to Red Dwarf using the jet pack on his space suit, and was let in by Kryten, banging on the porthole window saying he'd forgotten his keys.

The boys from the Dwarf later returned to the BEGG moon in a Blue Midget, and tried to fob the BEGGs off with the "spoon of destiny". The BEGGs asked for another game of poker, wanting to win Cat and Kryten too, but when they said they'd choke (Kryten and Cat being quantum entangled at the time) the BEGGs actually did choke on some electrical cables they were chewing on, killing them. They were then forced to go to the apparent source of the groinal exploder, the ERRA station. ("Entangled", Series X)