Tongue Tied

The Barmaid worked at the Nogard dna Egroeg Eht (The George and Dragon) on a backwards version of Earth. She was working there when "The Sensational Reverse Brothers" performed there.


When Arnold Rimmer and Kryten found themselves on an Earth where time was running backwards, they decided to get a job. Kryten read an advert from a theatrical agent looking for "Novelty acts". He and Rimmer auditioned as "The Sensational Reverse Brothers" and began performing their act, which consisted of mundane tasks which appeared miraculous and very funny to the backward locals. They quickly became a big hit on the Retsehcnam pub circuit.

Three weeks later, Lister and the Cat caught up with them at the Nogard dna Egroeg Eht (The George and Dragon). The barmaid un-served them by giving them empty pint glasses and gave them back the money for it. After observing the world around them Lister and the Cat realized every thing was backwards, after initially believing they had arrived in Bulgaria . After filling their glasses, Lister and the Cat went backstage to see Rimmer and Kryten. As Rimmer was explaining that they had found their niche in life, the pub manager burst in and started to berate them in an angry, backwards speech. Kryten translated this tirade, explaining that they were being fired for starting a fight. The manager promised them that they would never work the pub circuit again.

All this became clear when Lister and the Cat un-ate a pie they found on a nearby table. The owner wasn't happy and a massive brawl ( or rather a tidy) erupted, involving almost everyone in the pub assembling furniture over each other's heads and removing injuries. After the room had been undemolished, Rimmer realised that the manager had fired them before the fight had started. The Cat un-donated some money at the bar where the Bar Maid said "sknahT" (Thanks) when they left the pub in order to return to Starbug. ("Backwards", Series III)