Tongue Tied

Warden Ackerman of The Tank under the influence of Boing, and unable to play basketball

Basketball is a sport in which two teams, typically of five players each, attempt to shoot a basketball through each other's hoop, which is mounted ten feet high at either end of the basketball court.

Prison Match

Three million years into the future aboard Red Dwarf, Dave Lister and Arnold Rimmer got into trouble when they spiked Warden Ackerman with truth serum and he appeared on the bridge, saying that he had gotten "jiggy jiggy" with the Science Officer's wife and hadn't had time to get out of his Batman outfit.

As punishment, Captain Hollister decided on a basketball game - inmates versus the guards of The Tank, to be played in the Mess Hall of The Tank.

Since the regular characters were hopelessly out of their depth, they spiked the violent guards and Captain Hollister with Boing - a virility drug stolen from the Medi-Bay by a sympathetic skutter. The drug gave the guards erections for several hours, making them virtually immobile and allowing the inmates to turn their significant losing score around and win the match.

For cheating in the match, Captain Hollister put Lister and Rimmer on further Punishment Detail. ("Pete I", Series VIII)


  • A red, white and blue basketball was one of the many forms taken by the polymorph while exploring Red Dwarf with stealth; the basketball allowed it greater mobility. ("Polymorph", Series III)

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