Tongue Tied

"Bear Strangler" McGee was a patron of the Last Chance Saloon.

Man Mountain

When Kryten hallucinated himself as the sheriff of a small frontier town in the American west, he created a group of local gunslingers and cutthroats to populate the saloon. One of those men was called McGee, who went by the moniker of "Bear Strangler".

He was a very large man, both in height and bulk, thus deserving his nickname. When Rimmer felt the overwhelming urge to vomit after drinking Lola's whiskey, he grabbed the first receptacle that presented itself. Unfortunately, this turned out to be the hat of "Bear Strangler", who was less than impressed.

He demanded to know whether the new arrival was "mighty brave or mighty stupid". Rimmer did not quite understand the question, forcing Lister to intervene, claiming that his friend was a "couple of gunmen short of a posse". He gave McGee some cash to buy himself another hat, but McGee asked about the insult. An uncharacteristically brave Rimmer suggested that McGee was "a fat, beardy git with breath that could concuss a grizzly", prompting Lister to give McGee all of the money as compensation.

Rimmer explained to Lister that he didn't fear McGee because he couldn't be hurt in this artificial reality and that also he had the skills of an expert fighter. (RD: Gunmen of the Apocalypse)