Tongue Tied

Big Meat was an inmate of The Tank.

His real name, if he had one, was not known. He was a large man who had a reputation for being extremely violent and evil. When Cat needed to be sent to the prison hospital so that he could escape, he decided the best way was to annoy Big Meat enough to get assaulted.

Cat waited until mealtime in The Tank and then pushed in next to Big Meat at the lunch table. He started to steal Big Meat's food, called him "Fat Boy" and then insisted that things were changing in The Tank. He said that he wanted Big Meat to be his bitch and then pushed his face forward, expecting Meat to punch him.

Unfortunately, Big Meat was astounded that anyone would talk to him like that and reasoned that such a person must be insanely violent. He agreed to be Cat's bitch very quickly and refused to hurt him, forcing Cat to come up with another plan. "(Only the Good...")