Commander Binks was an officer aboard the Holoship Enlightenment.


Binks' primary concern was the establishment of contact with newly discovered life-forms - followed immediately by a reminder that, no matter how smart they thought they were, his crew was smarter. Binks was pompous and arrogant, with a sneering contempt for other life forms.

When the Enlightenment encountered Starbug, Binks beamed aboard the transport vessel and began making an audio report to his colleagues as though the Starbug crew were not able to see or hear him. Binks was familiar with Felis sapiens, knowing that they were descended from common house cats, noting that they were half as smart and were of no further use as study, so had evidently encountered a Cat Ark.

As Binks was making an insulting review of the ship and its less than stellar occupants, Dave Lister took exception and began mocking the hologram, mimicking his reporting style, and fed up with Binks' mocking, threatened him with a Holowhip and promised to mince his derrière like burger meat unless he made himself scarce. Binks took the hint and made a hasty retreat. ("Holoship")