Bliss is the name of a designer drug described in the Red Dwarf novel Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers. A person can get addicted to it simply by looking at it, which makes it really hard for the police to commit drug busts. The result of a Bliss high is that the user feels like a god, which is ironic as those high on Bliss cannot even lace their own shoes. A person addicted to Bliss is called a "Bliss Freak". The other major drug in the Red Dwarf novel universe is the total immersion video game "Better Than Life". A Bliss Freak once jumped Dave Lister to steal his money to get more drugs. This poverty is part of what led Lister to join the Space Corps and the Red Dwarf crew.

Bliss is also the name of fictional drugs in other works of science fiction, including Johnny Fincham's novel While the God's Sleep, Samuel R. Delaney's novel Nova', and the "Gridlock" episode of the revived Doctor Who.

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