Tongue Tied

Blood Drinker, real name unknown, was one of the prisoners in The Tank aboard Red Dwarf.


Blood Drinker was a middle-aged man with a monotone Scottish accent, with dark hair and a medium build. His crimes are unknown. Given his nickname, it presumably had something to do with drinking blood.

Blood Drinker was one of the Canaries who investigated the submerged wreck of SSS Silverberg, along with Rimmer, Lister, Cat, Kryten, Kochanski, Kill Crazy and guard/Canary wrangler Knot.

It was Blood Drinker who entered the chamber where the others were in conversing with Cassandra, and informed them that SSS Silverberg had started shipping water eighteen floors up. Cassandra had prophesied this. It was Blood Drinker who called down Mr Knot to help inspect the damage. ("Cassandra" deleted scenes, Series VIII)

Since all the other Canaries except the main characters die in SSS Silverberg, it seems Blood Drinker didn't make it either.

Behind the Scenes

Blood Drinker was portrayed by actor Joseph Crilly.

Blood Drinker's scenes were cut for time. However the scenes are available for viewing on the deleted scenes for the episode "Cassandra" in the bonus features of the Series VIII DVD.

Due to mistakes in editing, Crilly's name still appeared in the credits at the end of the broadcast episode, despite Crilly not actually appearing in the broadcast episode.