Tongue Tied

Bootle Municipal Golf Course was a golf course in Liverpool and the site where Lister lost his virginity to Michelle Fisher: specifically at the ninth hole (par four, dogleg to the right, in the bunker behind the green).

Lister was twelve years old. As he said when relating the story to Arnold Rimmer three million years later, "I nearly dropped my skateboard." ("Marooned", Series III)

Behind the scenes

In the modern world, Bootle Golf Course is on Dunnings Bridge Road in Bootle. This hole is in reality a straight par 5, although it may have been changed at the time that Lister performed that act. The layout of the course has changed (The front nine and back nine where reversed) and the par 4 dogleg right that was the 9th is now the 18th hole. My best guess would be early 90s when this changed.

Very bad drone footage of the hole.