Tongue Tied

Bradley was a male Science Officer of the JMC mining spaceship Red Dwarf killed during the Cadmium II radiation leak.

Three million years later, the hologram Arnold Rimmer used a Quantum Skipper to explore different dimensions in the Multiverse. After the first skip, Rimmer found himself in White Corridor 159, on a version of Red Dwarf where the crew were still alive, as the accident had yet to occur.

As Rimmer stood conversing with the ship computer Holly (who had been off-line for some time in his own dimension), Officer Bradley appeared from a service elevator along with some other officers behind him. As Bradley briefly passed by, he frowned at Rimmer, ordering him to get back to work.

Bradley was soon killed as the radiation leak began to occur once again. ("Skipper", Series XII)


  • Much like Frank Todhunter, Rimmer's shift superior in "The End", Bradley seemingly has little time for Rimmer, seeing him as an irritant.
  • Bradley was apparently not as high up in the hierarchy of the crew as Parkinson, another Science Officer seen in "Skipper", since Parkinson has more coloured strips on her uniform.