Tongue Tied

Starbug chases down another Cat to the Brefewino planet...

The Brefewino planet is a pale-green, Earth-like S3 planet surrounded by three bright moons, that is located in hostile GELF space.

It is homeworld to the Brefewino, although many other species of GELFs are resident here, such as Kinitawowi. The planet acts as a Galactic trading center for the GELFs.


When Cat fell ill with a libido-related illness, the boys from the Dwarf had to find a female Felis sapiens for Cat to mate with, in order to cure him. Fortunately, the navicomp of Starbug located such a rare and unique life-form on a GELF transport spacecraft. Unfortunately, it was headed into GELF space. With no choice, they followed it, leading them to the Brefewino trading world.

The gang at the entrance to a Brefewino fort

It was very Earth-like, sunny and heavily forested. The Brefewino trading town was heavily guarded and fortified, but the Dwarfers were allowed entry by pretending to be merchants. Inside the town were bustling and raucous watunga that acted as shops, gambling dens and drinking-holes. In the center was a marketplace for slave auction, where Felis sapiens were the favoured commodity.

Cat located the female of his species, Ora, who was being held for slave auction, but an attempted jailbreak failed. Lister came up with a plan to use Kryten to cheat at four-dimensional pontoon, thereby winning enough mushy peas (the currency of the Brefewino homeworld) to buy Ora themselves. However, this plan failed due to the leader of the Brefewino, Zural, being more savvy than the Dwarfers. Cat later killed Zural after Zural bought Ora, revealing him to be a traitorous Felis sapiens in disguise. The Dwarfers left the planet with Ora, but Cat left her on another unidentified S3 Planet after mating. ("Identity Within", Series VII)


  • The Brefewino planet was a galactic trading center for droids and different races of GELFs. The Simulant Trader was likely referring to this planet when he told Able to get Kryten fixed and "ready for market" in the episode "Beyond a Joke", which took place a few weeks after the supposed events of the unproduced episode "Identity Within". The location of this "market" remains unknown, but the Brefewino planet is the only known location which fits. The Kinitawowi tribesman seen aboard the Simulant's ship reinforces this, and may have been from here, or been the Simulant's GELF liaison.