Buggy 2

The gang explore the Red Dwarf planetoid in the Buggy
("Nanarchy", Series VII)

The Buggy was a reinforced, three-person, dune buggy-like, multi-terrain vehicle. The Buggy was utilised for exploring the surface of both S3 and non-S3 extraterrestrial planetoids.

The Buggy was kept in the lower rear section of Starbug, the main shuttle-craft of the Jupiter Mining Corporation spaceship Red Dwarf.


The JMC ship-to-surface shuttle Starbug had one such vehicle. Three million years into the future, the gang from Red Dwarf used the Buggy from the shuttle to explore the surface of a strange desert planet, which was wracked with severe electrical storms. The navicomp of Starbug had told the gang that it was pleasant conditions down on the surface, and since it's readouts were always wrong, Kochanski suggested they prepare for the worst and take the Buggy. She was right in assuming that the navicomp was wrong.

The Cat went out into the dire storm and fared relatively well, only being bothered about his hair being messed up, and leaving Lister and Kochanski to have a private talk in the Buggy regarding their past relationship, and Lister's recently amputated limb.

During this time it was ascertained that the planetoid was in fact Red Dwarf. Their mothership had been turned into a planet by the nanobots, and this was proved when they found items on the surface of the planetoid which could only have come from Red Dwarf itself, such as the Holly Watch. ("Nanarchy", Series VII)

The Buggy was destroyed along with Starbug, when Starbug crashed into the hangar bay of the nanobot-reconstructed Red Dwarf. ("Back in the Red", Series VIII)



  • It is unclear whether the Buggy was a standard piece of JMC equipment aboard Starbug, or was acquired by the gang from one of the many derelicts they had come across in their travels.