A byte was unit that represented roughly half a series of Red Dwarf and was used to organize the video editions of the show. For the first six series there were two bytes per series, each with three episodes. This tradition continued only modified for the newer eight episode Series VII and VIII which had three bytes, two with three episodes and a final one with two. Series VIII was the last series to be put on video and any new series are likely to be only on DVD and Blueray, just like the recent Back to Earth specials. DVDs for all series were created and released throughout the world in the early to mid 2000s and represented the global shift from analog tapes to digital disks. Though this is joked about in "Back to Earth, Part Two" when Kryten explains that DVDs are themselves replaced with videos again, simply because humans are too incompetent to put them back in their cases and thus lose them.

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