Tongue Tied

"Rasputin, bring in the bucket of soapy frogs and remove his trousers!"
-Caligula (RD: Meltdown)

The Waxdroid version of Caligula was one of the leaders of the villains on Waxworld.


Built to resemble the infamous Roman emperor, Caligula was programmed to act in exaggerated portrayal of his namesake's villainy. He and other waxdroids were designed to entertain tourists by mimicing historical figures. After millenia alone, they learned to break their limited programs and achieved self-awareness, but were unable to overcome their basic personalities. The heroes soon found themselves under attack from the villains, who included Caligula in their ranks.

Caligula was dressed in the ornate armour of a Roman emperor. He had curly brown hair and wore a golden laurel wreath on his head. He carried an imperial baton and made gestures with it. As befits an absolute ruler, he was incredibly arrogant and overbearing, issuing orders as if he had divine right. He was also prone to fits of temper and severely perverse behaviour.

When Lister and The Cat found themselves in the villains' custody, Caligula was assigned to interrogate them. He and his colleague Rasputin entered the cell and ordered the prisoners to stand. When the Cat tried to protest, Caligula slapped Lister around the face. Lister explained to the Cat that Caligula was a famous Caesar who had slept with his own mother, both of his sisters and then eaten his own son. The Cat suggested he try pizza next time. This earned Lister another weak-handed slap. He threatened Lister with various tortures involving frogs, soap, wildebeest and skin-diving suits with the bottom cut out.

Caligula demanded to know how the matter paddle worked. Lister tried to show him, but Caligula was too smart to agree. After slapping Lister a third time, he insisted that they would all use the matter paddle. Lister activated it, but he told the Cat and Abraham Lincoln to let go at the last second. Caligula and Rasputin were transported into a nearby wardrobe while the prisoners escaped. This made Caligula very cross indeed. (RD: Meltdown)


Caligula's personality was a parody of the real emperor's madness. He was cruel, unfair, deranged and arrogant. He had devised several unusual and disturbing tortures for extracting information.


  • "If that's the way you want to play it. Rasputin, bring in the bucket of soapy frogs and remove his trousers!"
  • "Very well! Rasputin, bring hither the skin-diving suit with the bottom cut out and unleash the rampant wildebeest!" (RD: Meltdown)

Behind the Scenes

Caligula was played by the "Fifth Dwarfer", Tony Hawks. This was his last appearance on the show.

This version of Caligula was clearly inspired by the BBC adaption of I, Claudius, in which Caligula (played by John Hurt) is portrayed as perverse and insane.