Tongue Tied

Arnold Rimmer, in Dave Lister's body, enjoys the hot tub

Rimmer reads Muscle Women magazine

The Caligula Suite is a chamber aboard the JMC mining spaceship Red Dwarf. It incorporated a gymnasium, although given that it was meant exclusively for use by the officers, it was more luxurious and it also contained a sauna and a hot tub.

Three million years later, Arnold Rimmer used the Caligula Suite after performing a "body swap" with Dave Lister. Rimmer had promised to get Lister's body fit for him; however he reneged on the deal since Rimmer had not had a physical body for so long. Instead, he began eating and smoking far too much.

Whilst in the Caligula Suite, Rimmer soaked in the hot tub instead of using the gym equipment, smoking a cigar, moaning and reading Muscle Women magazine, and exclaiming "this is training!" ("Bodyswap", Series III)


The name of the sauna

  • The room is unidentified in the original episode. However, in the extended scene which was eventually included in the bonus features of The Bodysnatcher Collection, the room is identified as the Officer's Gym - Caligula Suite. It is also only in this extended scene that the actual gym equipment of the room is seen.
  • Caligula was a notoriously cruel and insane Roman emperor of Earth history, who is said to have lived in the most obscene luxury.

Behind the Scenes

Kryten's finger lighter

  • Kryten was originally supposed to have featured in this scene, and Robert Llewellyn filmed his first ever scene as Kryten in the Caligula Suite. The mechanoid would have approached Rimmer (in Lister's body) when called over as Rimmer soaked in the hot tub, and would have lit Rimmer's cigar with a flame produced from his finger. Such a device was produced, however the device kept misfiring, repeatedly electrocuting Robert. The scene was scrapped (Series III DVD booklet), and was believed lost for many years, but later recovered and included in the bonus features of The Bodysnatcher Collection for "Bodyswap".