Tongue Tied

This article is about the Red Dwarf character. For the Red Dwarf episode, see RD: Camille.

"It's the old, old story; droid meets droid, droid becomes chameleon, droid loses chameleon, chameleon turns into blob, droid gets blob back again, blob meets blob, blob goes off with blob and droid loses blob, chameleon and droid. How many times have we seen that story?"
-Kryten ("Camille")

Camille and Hector are Pleasure GELF's.

Designed to be your ultimate desire it projects and controls the perception of the viewer.

Encounter with Red Dwarf

Camille, as she appeared to the boys from the Dwarf

When rescued from her crashed ship, SS Penhalagen, by the Red Dwarf crew, Kryten sees it as an updated version of him self (a Series 3000 GTi) mechanoid (portrayed by Robert Llewellyn's wife, Judy Pascoe). Arnold Rimmer sees her as a hologram that is similar to his sister-in-law Janine Rimmer, a model. While Lister sees her as a cross between himself and Kristine Kochanski.

Lister discovers the truth and informs Cat, who only sees himself (as he can't think of anyone more deserving, due to his vanity).

Camille's neutral state is that of a huge green blob (whom Cat says "looks like something that dropped out of the sphinx's nose"), and eventually her husband Hector appears too who has been working on an antidote to their condition.

This proves a little complicated as she and Kryten, despite initial troubles, had developed a semi-romantic relationship. He takes her to the Parrots Bar, for a spin in Starbug, and to see Casablanca in the cinema, and they fall in love. In the end the mechanoid lets her go knowing that going with Hector provides her with her best chance of happiness.

Behind the Scenes

  • BBC Visual Effects man Mike Tucker played the blob Camille - sat on a wheeled office chair.
  • Suzanne Rhatigan was credited as 'Kochanski Camille'


  • Pleasure GELFs are similar to Psirens, both have illusion generating capabilities, but for different purposes, while Pleasure GELFs have a more rational mindset and can only alter the perception to what others consider to be their perfect companion, Psirens are psychotic, they use their illusion generating capabilities to attract, scare or deceive for the sold purpose of sucking out the brains of their prey (and take anything of value on the ships they board). In contrast, Pleasure GELFs project their illusion of being the perfect mate as a survival tactic, so other races won't try to harm them. If cornered, rather than becoming hostile they'll simply admit that they're a GELF.
  • Since the male Holly changed himself to look like Hilly, Holly's perfect companion should look like Norman Lovett.