Canis Sapiens, more commonly referred to as Dogs are a fictional, sentient, humanoid species from the Red Dwarf television series. They are most associated with a particular universe where women are in charge and men can get pregnant. However, they could presumably exist in other dimensions or parts of space entirely, similarly to the other Evolved Animal races. Since not much is known of the species, the information below is based on the behaviour of one Dog seen in the female orientated universe.

Dogs are loyal, easy-going and utilitarian creatures, though they tend to do precisely what is asked of them, no more and no less. Extremely sociable by nature, they tend to grow despondent without at least one other character around with whom to relate. Like their primitive ancestors, Dogs try to insist upon giving a cursory sniff to the backside of anyone new they meet or when they begin a social situation, just to be certain - though nobody knows why. They also are fearful of baths and insist on the word being spelled out.

Dogs are fun-loving and quite protective of their friends. Once they know how to do a specific task, they rarely forget it, though they may at times forget minor details such as tying shoes or flushing the toilet. They seem to enjoy dancing, although one particular Dog shows that they may be inept at it.

The physical characteristics of Dogs are generally unknown. Both sexes of Dogs have six nipples, though they tend to ignore the erotic potential of such endowments and get straight to the deed at hand.