Tongue Tied

The Casket of Cronus on a chain around the neck of 4 of 27

The Casket of Cronus (alternatively spelt Casket of Chronus) was a very powerful artifact of unknown origin, which enabled starships to create Time Holes to other points in space and time, even into other dimensions.

The Expanoids once sought it out to enslave humanity, leading to the creation of an alternate Earth named Twentica; although the boys from the Dwarf were able to thwart their plans. (Twentica, Series XI)

to be continued


  • It is likely that the Dwarfers first found the Casket in the wreck of the AS Thanatos using the Galactic map they had obtained in the previous episode. However, the Dwarfers at first did not know the true purpose of the casket, and instead used it to prop up the wonky pool table on Starbug.
  • The fate of the Casket is unknown. Given the Dwarfers' previous bad experience with time travel, it is likely that Kryten destroyed it once he took it from the defeated Expanoids.