Tongue Tied
Cat Priest's chamber

The Cat Priest's Chamber was was the home of the Cat Priest onboard the massive JMC mining spaceship Red Dwarf. The chamber was located in a small and deepest part of the vast cargo hold and was the last reminisce of the Cat (Felis sapiens) community on board Red Dwarf. The Cat used to access this via Supply Pipe 28, like the rest of that deep part of the hold it was dusty and dirty and was beyond the "supervision field" of Holly.


The chamber was a Holy place and was furnished with things from the Cat people's (Felis sapiens) culture; such as Holy statues, the holy hats with arrows through, doughnut ring hats, and the holy hot dogs which were intended for Fuchal. The furnishings all had Lister's "holy curry and custard stains." There was also small feline figurines (perhaps depicting Frankenstein, the "Holy Mother", Lister's old pet and progenitor of Felis sapiens), surrounded by candles.

In the centre was the Priests death bed where hey lay sick. The chamber was the last resting place of the elderly, blind and dying Cat Priest, whom had been left there as the other Cats left in the Cat Arks. ("Waiting for God", Series I)


Lister chased after the cat down supply pipe witch led him to hear.("Waiting for God", Series I)