Tongue Tied

Cat claws are a biological feature of Felis sapiens and a remnant of their domestic house cat ancestors.


Felis sapiens have three large claws in each fist. They are sharp and extend from the knuckles when the cat is threatened or getting aggressive.

Whilst all Felis sapiens have this biological ability, the more dominant ones of both genders - such as the Feral Cats - seem to have the larger claws and use them more frequently, for example using them to turn pages on a book.

Rodon the 'Feral King' seems to have the largest claws. (The Promised Land)



Cat shows his own claws in a deleted scene

  • Cat claws are not seen until The Promised Land special (2020), and even then it is only the antagonists seen baring them.
  • In a deleted scene aboard the Iron Star, the Cat is see extending his own claws, but they are quite small and manicured and nowhere near as prominent and intimidating as the claws on the Ferals. He seems quite embarrassed about it and retracts them. This may explain why Cat has never extended his claws in earlier series.

Behind the scenes

  • The Felis sapien claws strongly resemble that of the comic book character Wolverine.