Tongue Tied

The shuttle (left) in the hangar bay of the Cat Fleet flagship

The Cat shuttle was a shuttlecraft used by the Felis sapiens of the Cat Fleet.


The shuttle was used by the three remaining Cat Clerics - Brother Sol, Sister Luna, and Sister Peanut - to escape the rest of the Cat Fleet when the tyrannical ruler Rodon seized power and declared the old cat religion (that is, Cloister worship) outlawed and punishable by death.

The Cat Clerics distracted the two Feral guards escorting them to the marketplace to be hanged on Rodon's orders, using a laser pointer to drive the guards into an uncontrollable frenzy, and they then sealed them in an airlock. The Cat Clerics ran to the hangar and commandeered the shuttle, flying away as quick as they could.

Brother Sol pulled the accelerator. Sister Peanut, a mute, told the others with sign language that Cloister would protect them. Sister Luna revealed she had taken a page from their Holy Book (previously confiscated by Count Ludo) depicting Cloister which she put next to her navigation console. Luna said that she would set a course for the place of their birth, Red Dwarf, to search for Cloister and ask his help.

The Cat Clerics didn't find Red Dwarf, and since the boys from the Dwarf discover the Cat Clerics hiding out on Iron Star months later, it is possible that the Cat shuttle had simply run out of fuel, or the Cat Clerics were hiding there since the Cat Fleet was nearby.

The Cat shuttle was then presumably destroyed when Rodon ordered the Cat Fleet to blow up Iron Star with meow missiles. (The Promised Land)



  • The shuttle appears similar to the design of Blue Midget, one of the types of shuttle aboard Red Dwarf. Given that the Felis sapiens originated on Red Dwarf, it is possible that the shuttle is actually a shuttle from Red Dwarf, whether a repainted Blue Midget, a White Giant, or some other shuttle.
    • It also possible that the cats built it to a familiar design, or the shuttle was taken from one of the Space Corps derelicts Rodon says that the cats came across in their travels.