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The Red Dwarf franchise has expanded to include four novels - Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers (1989), Better Than Life (1990), Last Human (1995) and Backwards (1996) - becoming best sellers. Rather than adapting the show outright, the books provided yet another, idealised version of the series' backstory. They reinterpreted and repositioned elements from past episodes, and even introduced ideas that would later be used in the television show.

Both authors were working together on a sequel to Better than Life, called The Last Human, but Grant had decided to go it alone and do other things besides Red Dwarf. Still owing Penguin Publishing two more Red Dwarf novels, Grant and Naylor decided to each work alone on a novel. Two completely different, contradicting sequels were made as a result. Last Human, Naylor, added Kochanski to the crew and places more emphasis on the science-fiction and plot elements, while Backwards, by Grant, was more in keeping with the previous two novels, borrowing more extensively from established television stories.

An Omnibus edition of the first two novels, including edits to the original text and extra material such as the original pilot script of the TV series, was released in 1992. The novels have been published in audiobook format; the first two were read by Chris Barrie, Last Human was read by Craig Charles, and Backwards was read by its author Rob Grant.

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