Tongue Tied

Chippy was the name given to a very small medical implant device produced by the Jupiter Mining Corporation. There was one such device aboard the JMC spaceship Red Dwarf.


Chippy had its own A.I., and was given masculine programming, albeit was a little too chirpy for the liking of some.

Chippy was a medical chip, small enough to fit inside the bloodstream of a human, into which he was supposed to be injected into. Chippy could then communicate wirelessly nearby devices, such as consoles, as he travelled through the body collecting health data.

Chippy could also predict how long a patient would live, given their current state of health and lifestyle.


Three million years into the future, the last human in existence, Dave Lister, thought that he had suffered a heart attack. Although the M.C. (Medical Computer) determined that it was not an emergency and that it was just indigestion, Kryten decided nevertheless to inject Chippy into Lister to perform a thorough internal analysis.

Chippy clearly struggled getting down the arteries near Lister's heart, and told Lister that they had "more fur than an Eskimo shop".

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("M-Corp", Series XII)