Tongue Tied

Arnold Rimmer rats out Chummy (far left)

Chummy was a popular prisoner of The Tank aboard Red Dwarf. His twin brother, Saddo, was also a prisoner.

Chummy is seen briefly, and remains unnamed, in the broadcast version of "Krytie TV", as the prisoner Arnold Rimmer rats out to Warden Ackerman as being the thief of Ackerman's glass eye, since Rimmer had seen Chummy "playing marbles with it this morning".

Chummy swings for Rimmer, but misses as Rimmer ducks, and the guards cart Chummy off. Rimmer was thinking of the appeal, but the other prisoners beat up Rimmer for being a snitch. ("Krytie TV", Series VIII)

Behind the Scenes

  • Chummy is only named in the deleted scenes of "Krytie TV". Rimmer described him as a loner and friendless, and the reason why he wasn't worried about ratting him out. However, he'd mistaken Chummy for his twin brother Saddo. Since Chummy was popular and well-liked with the rest if the prisoners, the other prisoners beat Rimmer up.
  • Kill Crazy was apparently friends with Chummy, since (also in the deleted scenes of "Krytie TV") he tried to divert Ackerman's attention away from him with Simmons' false teeth.
  • In an interview with Talkie Toaster on the official Red Dwarf website, Kill Crazy mentions that he knew Saddo through his brother, and it was Saddo who reprogrammed Kryten, since Saddo was "good with computers" Interview