Tongue Tied

"Take your hands apart and give a big, warm goodbye to The Sensational Reverse Brothers"
-Compère (RD: Backwards)

The Compere was the master of ceremonies at Nogard dna Egroeg eht in Retsehcnam.


When Rimmer and Kryten were stranded on the backwards Earth, they made a living as a novelty variety act called The Sensational Reverse Brothers. They quickly became a hit on the Retsehcnam pub circuit. One of the pubs they appeared at was Egroeg Dna Nogard eht.

This pub employed a compere to announce the acts and warm up the audience. He wore a shiny green suit and a bow tie while announcing the performers in an exaggerated and highly enthusiastic fashion. He would jog off the stage backwards and pull his hands apart to show his excitement.

Behind the scenes

The Compère was played by "The Fifth Dwarfer" Tony Hawks, who was also the warm-up man for the studio audience. He was the obvious choice to play the Compère, even providing his own green suit, which he wore as part of his warm-up act "The Amazing Tony".