Tongue Tied

Count Ludo is an aristocratic male Felis sapiens aboard the Cat Fleet.

Count Ludo is the right-hand man or lieutenant to Rodon, the King of the Ferals who had seized power over the Cat Fleet and appointed himself a living god. Ludo refers to Rodon as "my alpha".


Ludo adhered to Rodon's new religion and accepted him a living god, assisting Rodon in his quest to wipe out any unbelievers and/or followers of the 'false' old religion and god Cloister. In this capacity, Ludo was very much a sycophant and lackey. While generally good at rooting out rebels with the help of henchmen under his command, Ludo was himself generally inept and cowardly with confrontation.

In their first confrontation aboard Iron Star, Rodon commanded Ludo to reacquire the Anubis Stone from the Dwarfers. Ludo did so, but was hesitant and sheepish to do so. However, Ludo received no resistance since the Feral guards acted as a deterrent, and the Cat Clerics who were present incorrectly believed that "Cloister" (Lister) would smite them with holy wrath.

Ludo would soon after interrupt Rodon as Rodon knocked things off a table in his throne room, and Ludo give him the bad news that the Anubis Stone was a fake, since it was made of beetle dung. Ludo dampened the bad news by presenting Rodon with a new, giant scratching post.

During the last meeting aboard Red Dwarf between the Dwarfers and the Ferals, it was Count Ludo who checked the records and realised that Cat and Rodon are actually brothers, pointing out this fact to everybody. Rodon gave his brother a chance to join him, but Cat refused, saying that Red Dwarf was his home.

Ludo would eventually unwittingly kill his own master Rodon when Arnold Rimmer, super-powered as a "Diamond-Light" hologram named The Mighty Light, shot a high-powered laser beam from the cockpit of Starbug into the throne room of the Cat Fleet and onto Rodon. Ludo, along with all the other Feral Cat leadership, were sent into a frenzy by the laser beam and unwittingly tore Rodon apart. With nobody at the helm, Rodon's flagship crashed into an asteroid, killing all aboard.

Rodon's death led to the immediate collapse of the Feral leadership and liberated the rest of the Felis sapiens. (The Promised Land)


  • A deleted scene shows Ludo presenting Rodon with a meal of synthetic meat-in-jelly, which Rodon contentedly eats with his claws.


  • Right away, my Feral King!
  • Yes, my Alpha!
  • I'm more of a sort of food and dining services sort of royal aide. Having trouble putting on a bow tie, that's not me. Getting mystical stones off people, that's not really me either.