Tongue Tied

The Crit Cop was an unnamed, middle-aged human male from 24th century Earth.

As a law enforcement officer aboard SS Enconium, it was his duty to make sure that there was no criticism aboard the massive spacecraft, since the society aboard the ship had outlawed it.


The Crit Cop served as a member of the security detail aboard Enconium. As his title implies, he was responsible for enforcing the strict law on the ship that forbade criticism in any way, shape or form. As such, his arsenal included a form of breathalyser to examine one's breath, to see if one had been criticising, as well as a firearm.

("Timewave", Series XII)



  • Although other pink-suited police are seen aboard SS Enconium, the Crit Cop is the only one with a speaking role.

Behind the Scenes

  • Johnny Vegas plays the role of the Crit Cop in the episode. Vegas claimed that the pink police uniform he wears was an old outfit that had been left over from an unused Monty Python sketch.
  • Johnny Vegas, as a life-long fan of Red Dwarf, described being in the show as one of the things on his "bucket list". During filming of this episode, Vegas was in the studio next door filming Still Open All Hours. When filming wrapped up on that set, he went next door and asked writer / creator Doug Naylor for a role in the episode. [1]


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