Tongue Tied

Cyberia is a prison complex which features in the Doug Naylor Red Dwarf novel Last Human.

Red Dwarf- Last Human (Cyberia).jpg

Cyberia's function is that it traps its inmates in a virtual reality hell that is forced into their mind's perceptions by headsets. The technology is similar to that of Better Than Life, only intended to be torment rather than paradise. It is named after the region of Siberia on Earth, a place commonly used to store Russian prisoners.

Cyberia is located on the asteroid of Lotomi 5, located in the Great GELF State which is located in an alternate dimension accessible by crossing the Omnizone. When Dave Lister's other self was trapped in Cyberia, Lister and the Starbug crew mounted a daring attack on the penal colony and rescued him. However, Lister's other self attacked Lister, buried him alive, and impersonated him in front of the rest of the crew. After being found by GELF guards, original Lister was taken to Cyberia himself, which he escaped by making a deal with the GELF officials.