Tongue Tied

Our reality's Lister

Dave Lister is the alternate version of our reality's Dave Lister seen in the Doug Naylor Red Dwarf novel Last Human. He is referred to as Lister's other self or his doppelganger in the book to differentiate himself from our Lister. Unlike our Lister, he is a psychopath with interests in death and all that is morbid, and is arguably the novel's primary antagonist other than the Rage. In the audio book for Last Human he, like all other characters, is portrayed orally by Craig Charles.


Early Life

According to his psychological profile, this version of Lister is a grade 2 sociopath. Adopted by the Thornton family at birth, his adoptive father was convicted of fraud when Lister was nine, his mother Beth was a manic depressive. During his youth he was a repeat offender, often truanting and being expelled from school. He had several jobs but could not hold down employment. He was imprisoned twice before the age of twenty three, for burglary and then drink driving. He fathered three children, all to different women. As a sociopath, he was extremely charming, manipulative, showed no remorse for his actions, reckless and an inability to plan ahead. He confessed to his psychiatrist that he had committed numerous burglaries and got away with them. He did not believe in the concept of love and never formed a bond with his children. He found it impossible to form relationships with either sex, suggesting he was bisexual. When joining the Corps he was frequently in trouble, from shoplifting to assault. He also had morbid interests such as the Nazis, murder, Satanism and the occult.

Red Dwarf

He slaughtered his reality's Kryten, Cat, Rimmer and almost killed his reality's Kristine Kochanski (who in this reality is Rimmer's lover), in order to gain access to the genetic engineering device G.O.D.. In the end he was captured by the Great GELF State and was charged with a crime he did not commit under the GELF law of pre-determined guilt (if the seers foretell it, you are guilty) and was put into Cyberia.


Post Rescue