Tongue Tied

The boys from the Dwarf celebrate Rimmer's "deathday"
("Thanks for the Memory", Series II)

This article is about the moon where the Dwarfers have a party. For the party itself, see "deathday".

The Deathday planetoid was an unnamed planetary body with its own moons and orbiting a red gas giant, at an unknown location in Deep Space.

Although the surface was rocky, barren and seemingly devoid of life, the planetoid nonetheless had Earth-like gravity and a breathable atmosphere, capable of supporting human and Felis sapiens life.

This was the first S3 planet the boys from the Dwarf came across in Deep Space, some time after Dave Lister had come out of three million years worth of stasis. Since it was the anniversary of the accident when Red Dwarf passed by the planetoid, the gang decided to go down to the planetoid and have a party to celebrate Rimmer's Deathday.

They all got very intoxicated, even Rimmer in his Hologram Projection Cage, the Holly Robot and the Skutters. Lister played his guitar, and the Skutters went on the keyboards. Holly warned the others that they would have to be getting back to Red Dwarf, since the moons would soon be setting, and the planetoid would then become unable to support human life.

Lister drunkenly piloted Blue Midget back to Red Dwarf. ("Thanks for the Memory", Series II)



  • This was not the first time that the gang had left Red Dwarf, nor the first time that one of the Red Dwarf shuttles had been seen, since the Dwarfers had taken Blue Midget down the to the wreck of Nova 5 on an asteroid in the episode "Kryten". However, "Thanks for the Memory" marks the first time that the Dwarfers visit an S3 Planet with an Earth-like, breathable atmosphere, and the first time that they landed a shuttle on a planetoid and took a walk outside.
  • The Deathday planetoid was a different planetoid to one seen in the later part of the episode "Thanks for the Memory" - the one where they bury the Black Box and erect a gravestone to Lise Yates. Although this looked similar, the latter planetoid was airless since Lister and Cat had to space walk there.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Deathday party was filmed at a Welsh quarry, very hurriedly as Craig Charles waited to be taken to the birth of his first child.