Tongue Tied

"1990s Nostalgia Night"

The Disco was a recreational area aboard Red Dwarf.



It once showcased late one Saturday a "1990s Nostalgia Night", which was attended by Dave Lister and his drinking buddies Olaf Petersen, Selby and Chen. They sat playing drinking games such as I've Been to Titan. Also attending were Lister's crush Kochanski and her bunkmate who were stood dancing. Lister's drinking buddies mocked Lister, saying that Kochanski was out of his league.

Arnold Rimmer charged through the disco, meanly throwing people's possessions who got in his way. When he got to Lister's table, he did the Rimmer Salute, much to the mocking of the lads. Rimmer demanded to know where his revision timetable was, that had taken him several weeks to make - leaving only one night for actual revision. Lister reveals however that he dropped a goat vindaloo down it. Rimmer was on learning drugs at the time, and all he could remember was the conversation he'd had in the disco.

Three million years later

After the accident which killed the crew, Lister came out of stasis three million years later. At one point he sat in the empty bar with a cocktail, and remembered back to the "1990s Night". When he snapped out of the flashback, he sighed, finally realising that he was alone. ("Balance of Power", Series I)



Behind the scenes

  • In "Balance of Power", the extras in the disco are notably all dancing out of sync. This is because no music was actually played when filming the scene, with the music being added in post-production. Considerably louder music, as well as added CGI party-goers, were added in the Red Dwarf Remastered edition of "Balance of Power".