Tongue Tied

Dispenser 23, also known simply as 23, was one of the A.I. vending machines aboard Red Dwarf. With a female personality, 23 spoke English with a sultry French accent. She was located close to the sleeping quarters used by the Dwarfers in Series X.


When Dave Lister was feeling depressed and missing the human race, he went to 23 for some company. He told 23 that she made the best coffee and delicious soup, and said that her facade looked new and shiny. 23 then accused Lister of attempting to seduce her. Calling Arnold Rimmer and Kryten to the scene, 23 said that Lister was "hitting" on her and "putting moves" on her as he put his hand on her logo. Lister denied it, but Rimmer was happy having something else to put in the special report he was compiling against Lister.

Later, when Lister went to Dispenser 34 for a coffee, 34 told Lister that she knew all about him and the "trashy" 23, and appeared insanely jealous and refused to give Lister any food or drinks. ("Dear Dave", Series X)