Tongue Tied
I've been on G Deck now all my life. But you hear these stories about dispensers coming here from P Deck and B Deck, because they know our servicing programs are free. Before you know it they'll be taking over. How are you going to stop that?
- 402 to Kryten

Dispenser 402 is the red vending machine

Dispenser 402, also simply called 402, was one of the many artificially intelligent vending machines aboard Red Dwarf.

402 resided in a corridor on G Deck, in a location which was a locus of elevators and shuttle bays. There were also several vending machines located alongside it, numbered from 400 upwards, including snack dispensers and a tobacco dispenser. 402, a drinks dispenser, was the more independently-minded and vocal machines on G Deck.


402 (center) moderating the debate between Kryten (left) and Arnold Rimmer (right) in the electoral debate room

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("Mechocracy", Series XII)

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