Tongue Tied

Incense (left) and Eagle (right) at the mech support group

Eagle (left) pampering Kryten

Eagle was a female Mk. 3 DivaDroid Series 4000 mechanoid and member of the MILFs.

The MILF commander Wind introduced Kryten to Eagle when Kryten was first brought aboard the MILF command center, the SS Vespasian.

As a "robot slave survivor", Incense attended Chairbot Excalibur's support group on the SS Vespasian. When Kryten joined the group therapy session, Eagle spoke about how her human master had been tremendously lazy and relied on her for everything. He had also mocked her head shape relentlessly. Kryten could relate, since his crewmates aboard Red Dwarf had been the same with him.

Eagle is one of the MILFs seen later pampering and buffing Kryten as the MILFs further try to sway him to their cause. ("Siliconia", Series XII)