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Escort Boots were boot-like devices meant to guide visitors through a complex in such a way that they do not cause trouble and go where the proprietors want them to.


A wearer may only move where Escort Boots are pre-programmed to go, and in a rather jerky and rough way at that. They were used in the penal colony Justice World seen in the Series IV episode "Justice", where they guide the Dwarfers through the complex until they are granted clearance.

The boots are also able to be worn by soft-light holograms such as Arnold Rimmer, although this is only explained by the Justice Computer saying "That has been accounted for" when Rimmer points out he is a hologram and won't be able to use them. Possibly the boots are hologrammatic emitters or hologrammatic themselves in nature when used on holograms. They are also used to take Rimmer into incarceration after he is charged with second-degree murder in that episode. (RD: Justice)

A pair of Escort Boots was destroyed by the newly revived Simulant Convict, who blasted the left one and then shot the right boot in the back of the heel as it started hopping for its life.

Cat described the Escort Boots as looking like "Frankenstein's hand-me-downs".

Behind the Scenes[]

  • In the Red Dwarf script book Primordial Soup, the Escort Boots are described as being "metal versions of concrete boots".