Tongue Tied

Starbug parked outside the moon base
("Cured", Series XII)

The Evil Rehabilitation Base was a scientific research facility, located on a bleak desert moon in Deep Space. The base was constructed by United America sometime during or shortly after the late 23rd century.

Some of the most controversial human figures in the history of Earth were resurrected here, in an experiment to "cure" evil. The project was led by United America's top scientist, Professor Shaul Telford.

Three million years later, the boys from the Dwarf came across the base. Due to it appearing rich in tech, they decided to scavenge the base to look for appropriate materials to fix the faulty steering of Starbug with. Since only one thruster was working, they could only turn left, and had to descend down to the base in ever smaller circles.

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("Cured", Series XII)


Behind the Scenes


  • The base was presumably built so far away from Earth due to the controversial and potentially dangerous nature of the work being done there.
  • Although the moon clearly had an atmosphere, due to the sandstorms, it is unclear whether the moon was "S3" - that is, had a atmosphere which was breathable to humans.


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