Tongue Tied
"I was standing there, right, and right in front of me was this weird sort of mutant thing, with, like, two heads and all these tentacles. Yeah, it took one look at me and then ran off!"
Kill Crazy[["Krytie TV"|[src]]]

The Krytie TV GELF was a GELF creature, unseen in the television series, but mentioned in the Series VIII episode "Krytie TV" in discussion in the Canary shuttle.

The creature was encountered by the Canaries (the prisoner suicide squad that were sent out on missions from The Tank on Floor 13 of Red Dwarf), on-board an unnamed Space Corps derelict spacecraft. The creature was imposing, with three heads and tentacles, but took "one look" at Kill Crazy and ran off. It is implied that Kill Crazy's body odour scared the creature off.

Given that Kochanski sarcastically says that it "was the least enjoyable suicide mission [that she's] ever been on", it is likely that Kill Crazy was determined to kill it, and did so after some effort. ("Krytie TV", Series VIII)