Tongue Tied

Lister and Rimmer prank a frozen Denton in the Games Room

The Games Room was a recreational chamber for the crew aboard the JMC mining spaceship Red Dwarf, where the crew could play sports and other activities.

Officer Denton and another crewmember were seen playing table tennis here, when they were frozen in time along with the rest of the crew by the Time Wand.

Dave Lister and Arnold Rimmer, broken free of the Hole by Bob the Skutter, passed the frozen ping-pong playing duo, and took their ball to mess with them. ("Pete Part I", Series VIII)

Behind the Scenes

  • Although not stated on-screen, the scene took place in the Games Room, as confirmed in the Series VIII official script book.
  • Deleted scenes of the episode show Lister and Rimmer messing with the frozen Denton further, with Rimmer writing on Denton's face since he was seeing Rimmer's old flame Yvonne McGruder and Rimmer was jealous.