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Ganymede is one of Jupiter's moons, and the largest satellite body in the Solar System. The moon was heavily terraformed and colonized by the Space Corps and was mentioned in the popular song and Dave Lister's favorite "Lunar City Seven", sung frequently by Lister in both the TV series and Red Dwarf novels.

TV Series

Ganymede was also apparently one of the more fancy of Jupiter's lunar colonies, and is home to the Ganymede Holiday Inn visited by present/future Dave Lister, Cat, Holly and Kristine Kochanski in the Series II episode "Stasis Leak".

In a deleted scene of the Series VI episode Psirens, Arnold Rimmer is trying to ascertain who is the real Lister and who is the Psiren Lister by asking them personal questions. During this it emerges that Lister has a tattoo on his right buttock; it is a heart with a arrow through it, and underneath dripping in curry sauce, "I love vindaloos". He got it on planet leave on Ganymede, when Olaf Petersen spiked his cocktail with four-star petrol. He awoke with the tattoo, and learned that he had enrolled as a novice monk in Ganymedian monastery. Lister discovered the tattoo when he handed in his habit.


In the Red Dwarf novel Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers, Ganymede has a seedy criminal underworld. George McIntyre, a flight officer aboard Red Dwarf, was deeply in debt to the Ganymedian mafia due to his overplaying of Toot, and whose thugs cut off his nose and fed it to him. McIntyre committed suicide to be resurrected as a hologram aboard his ship. McIntyre is seen as a new hologram in the first episode of the television series.

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